Regularly attend to your horse’s ongoing health needs and uncover early signs of upcoming problems.

Our Wellness Program is an opportunity each Spring and Fall for you to attend to your horse’s basic ongoing health needs, while at the same time have one of our veterinarians examine your horse for possible upcoming health problems, catching them before they become problematic. Our Equine Wellness Program ensures that your horses maintain peak condition, minimizing the chance of unexpected illnesses. We tailor the Wellness Program each year to current issues in our geographical area that may affect your horse’s health and well-being.

Dr. Ferguson conducts an eye exam as part of a Wellness Program check-up.

 Wellness Program (Late March/ Early April) includes the following.


10% discount on vaccines when part of a Wellness Exam:

Eastern Encephalomyelitis/Western


West Nile


Potomac Horse Fever/Rabies

Dental Exam and Dental Float
Dentistry will be performed on an “as needed” basis for each individual horse.

Sheath Cleaning
Sheath cleaning may be performed at the same time as the dental float, as sedation is
necessary for both procedures.

Coggins Testing (Optional)

De-worming (optional)
Ivermectin administered with vaccines
Paste de-wormers for Summer and early Fall will be left at the farm for administration by the
owner at the appropriate times. (**optional**)

We recognize that each horse is an individual. We will work closely with you to ensure that your
horse receives vaccines and de-wormers tailored to meet his/her individual needs. We will also
ensure that your horse’s care continues on a regular basis by sending a reminder card when it is time
for our Fall Wellness Program.

Farm Call
No farm call charge if 8 or more horses are participating.
50% discount on farm call if 4 to 7 are participating.