Reproduction services are offered on-site with fully equipped laboratory, state-of-the-art cryopreservation equipment, video-monitored foaling/stalls and indoor stallion collection.

Our facility is USDA approved for processing, storing and shipping semen internationally and import  quarantine.

A sampling of services that we provide:

  • Stallion collection
  • Fresh semen processing and shipping
  • Frozen semen processing, shipping and storage
    • International Shipping to Europe/EU, Australia, New Zealand and many others
    • Epididymal harvest of semen, processing, freezing and storage
      • Post Castration
      • Post tragedy/accident/death
  • Artificial Insemination – liquid or frozen
    • Deep horn insemination
    • Hysteroscopic insemination
  • Embryo transfer (local transplant or shipped embryos)
  • Embryo Vitrification (cryopreserved)
  • Follicle Aspiration – Oocyte transport – coming soon!
  • Fertility evaluations (mare and stallion)
  • Assisted/Monitored foaling – Foal Alert System
  • High Risk Mares
  • Fetal Sexing
  • Fetal Monitoring
  • Reproductive Surgeries
  • Phantom Training

Visit our GALLERY to see photos of mares and foals.