Left, a lateral to medial view of a right hock that shows degenerative changes in the lowest (tarsometatarsal) joint. The small triangular dark area on the right lower edge of the lowest bone in the hock represents damage to that part of the bone. This is the most common lesion that we see in working horses of all types and shows the stress that is placed on this joint when horses are asked to start, stop and turn quickly and work in collection. Middle, a lateral to medial digital radiograph of the right carpus (knee). It shows several small fragments of bone in both the radiocarpal and intercarpal joints. This is a common injury in thoroughbred and quarter horse race horses that work at high speeds.Right, a dorsal to palmar (front to back) view of the right carpus. This is the same horse shown the middle image. This shows why we need to take more than one view (frequently several) to see lesions. On this view the carpus appears to be normal.