We perform our services at your premises or in our full-service facility.

We are equipped with a large surgical suite with a separate induction/recovery room, two large exam rooms, an intensive care stall, six hospital stalls and one isolation stall.

The following list of services and procedures is not all-inclusive. Please call or email us if a service you are looking for is not listed.

• Surgery: The only equine surgery facility in our area. Read more.

• Imaging; Sophisticated imaging techniques help us make accurate and speedy diagnoses of your horse’s problems. These include: Digital videoendoscopy: Upper and lower airway exams, gastroscopy (stomach) exams with our three meter endoscope. Digital radiology: High definition images. Digital ultrasound: Ultrasound exams of tendons, ligaments, chests, abdomens, blood vessels and other soft tissues of horses. Read more.

• Reproduction: Services housed in an on-site, separate building, USDA certified. Read more.

• Gait Evaluation/Lameness: Wide variety of comprehensive services for the diagnosis and treatment of lameness and performance problems. Read more.

• 24 hour intensive care: IV fluid therapy, medical colic treatment and neonatal care.

• Ophthalmology: Prepurchase exams, intraocular pressure (tonometer).

• Isolation stall: For hospitalized horses with contagious infections.

• Prepurchase exams

• Sportsmedicine

• Insurance exams

• Laboratory services: Hematology, blood chemistry, blood gas, quantitative IgG, cytology, bacteriology, urinalysis, fecal egg counts, etc.

Preventive Care

• Dentistry: Did you know that the teeth of horses receiving regular dental care wear an average of 29% slower than horses not receiving care?  This means that horses getting regular dentistry will retain the ability to eat roughage much longer than untreated horses, significantly extending their lifetimes. Read more.

• Wellness Program: We offer semi-annual programs for preventive care of your horses, with reduced pricing on our services. Read more.

• Immunizations: See our recommended immunization schedule that is based on current equine health issues for our geographical area. Read more.

• Deworming: When to deworm and when not to, tailored to your horse and its environmentRead more.

Complementary Medicine

• Chiropractic care: Addresses the relationship of the spine and nervous system with other body systems. Read more.

• Acupuncture: Works by adjusting the flow of vital energy in the body, a highly effective modality in conjunction with other medical procedures. Read more.