Protect Mustangs Calls for Fund for Wyoming Wild Horses

RAWLINS, WY  (Protect Mustangs) – We are calling for extractive industry responsibility and environmental mitigation through the creation of a 50 million dollar Protect Wyoming Mustangs Fund.
Native wild horses in Wyoming should not loose their habitat, their freedom and their families to pump more profit into BP American Production, Anadarko Petroleum, Devon Energy and other energy dynasties. These energy giants must become responsible players on public land.

It’s wrong to allow drilling in critical native habitat. Their water must not be poisoned by toxic drilling.

The BLM needs to stop the maddness on the range. They are charged to protect the wild horse herds but clearly they are in the pocket of the extractive industry. This is the wild horses’ legal range. Environmental mitigation is essential. The oil dynasties must be held accountable. Native wild horses must be protected to create biodiversity and for future generations to enjoy.

Where will all the removed wild horses go? The warehousing facilities are stockpiled. Alleged kill buyers are getting busted for buying truckloads of native wild horses. They need to all be returned to their native range.

Anne Novak