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  • Acorns and Oak Leaves Oct 25, 2012 - Does your horse treat acorns and oak leaves like a delicacy? Acorns and oak leaves contain tannin which in large quantities can be poisonous to your horse. Red or black oak varieties contain the most tannin; white oak varieties contain the least. The concentration of tannin in early spring leaves and green acorns is much […]
  • August 2012 Summer Sore Alert Aug 23, 2012 - Recent outbreaks of ‘summer sores’ on horses have prompted us to issue this alert to let horse owners know how to recognize this alarming condition. Summer sores, also known as Habronemiasis, are seen in the summer during fly season, and are the results of infected flies depositing the larvae of the equine stomach worm Habronema […]
  • Prior Newsletters Mar 1, 2009 - On this page download prior newsletters in PDF form:    May 2011: Feeding Beet Pulp   Nov 2009: Piroplasmosis   Aug 2009: Equine herpes virus myeloencephalopathy (EHM)   Nov 2008: Cushings Syndrome   Aug 2008: Equine Metabolic Syndrome Newsletter   Mar 2008: Breeding Season Newsletter   Dec 2007: Durable Equine Athletes Newsletter   Oct 2007: […]