Fill-In Forms

Administration Forms

  1. Client Information Form

  2. Medical Information Release Form

  3. One Time Card Transaction Authorization

  4. Card On File Authorization

  5. Payment Portal Link

  6. Equine Activity Release Form

  7. Contact Us

  8. Appointment Request

Medical Service Forms

  1. Surgery Form 1 Consent – a basic consent form for a recommended or elective procedure

  2. Surgery Form 1 Addendum – a form to reverse prior consent for certain procedures or tests

  3. Surgery Form 3 Boarding, Anesthesia and Lab Consent Form – a consent form for boarding, anesthesia or sedation and elective laboratory tests

  4. Dentistry Addendum Consent Form – a consent form specifically for options and decisions relative to dentistry

  5. Euthanasia Consent Form – Established Patient

  6. Euthanasia Consent Form – New Patient

  7. Boarding and Hospitalization (Small Animal) Consent Form – consent form for SMALL ANIMALS that stay with us for outpatient procedures or hospitalization

  8. Boarding and Hospitalization (Equine) Consent Form – consent form for HORSES that stay with us for outpatient procedures or hospitalization

  9. General Consent Form – a consent form for specific procedures or testing as recommended

Purchase Exam Forms

  1. Buyer Disclosure Form

  2. Seller Disclosure Form

CEM Forms

  1. Mare CEM Quarantine

  2. Mare CEM Quarantine Additional

  3. Card Payment Form – CEM Mare

  4. Stallion CEM Quarantine

  5. Stallion CEM Quarantine Additional

  6. Card Payment Form – CEM Stallion

Reproduction Forms

  1. Cooled Semen Order Form

  2. Frozen Semen Destruction Agreement and Consent

  3. Frozen Semen Transfer Form

  4. Frozen Semen Storage Agreement Form

  5. Stallion Information Form for Incoming Shipment

Other Forms

  1. Coggins and Health Certificate Form

PDF Forms

  1. Client Information

  2. Foaling Contract

  3. Chute Fee Admission Agreement

  4. Credit Card Authorization