Equinosis Gait Evaluation System

Rogue Equine Hospital is pleased to introduce the Equinosis® Gait Evaluation System.  It is the culmination of almost 20 years of research on gait analysis at the University of Missouri’s Colleges of Veterinary Medicine and Engineering with the support of the E. Paige Laurie Endowed Program in Equine Lameness. The system objectively detects and quantifies body movement asymmetry in a horse using small, wireless, body-mounted inertial sensors and a hand-held tablet PC. Instrumentation of the horse is quick, easy, and completely non-invasive. Data collection is in real time and veterinarians are free to perform their usual lameness evaluation routine without distraction.

Visit www.equinosis.com,
see more at: http://equinosis.com/#sthash.uUX3I3Y1.dpuf or call the office @ 541.826.9001.

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